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We are the Next Gen Advertising With Ample Experienced Agency in the field of advertising & promotions from the house of Next Gen World since 2006 (A Next Gen Advertising Consultancy Pt. Ltd. Company), having innovative, experts & qualitative management officials along with its huge amount of root level field workers and other project team members. We believe in “WE HAVE DONE IT AND WE WILL AGAIN DO IT” theory by completing the assigned projects within the given framework of time & money. Next Gen Advertising Consultancy Pt. Ltd is one of India’s foremost ventures based out of Pune & Delhi, specializing in Netvertising (Internet + Advertising). We are focusing not only corporate, Social, Digital Advertising and event but also Election Campaignig &  Political Campaign too. Now we are coming with the complete solution for the Political Campaign and Election Campaigning. We are not just a pioneer of digitally political awareness but also an elite player of spreading awareness at the grass root levels in India which is rural India. We are not restricted to any Geographical area or language. Our Thinking is working Towards One India as a Nation. We have worked PAN India with each time a new concept and Methods. We are planning and designing Print add and Digital add Exclusive for each Party / Candidate and Corporates as well. We provide cutting edge solutions to our clients, looking to advertise themselves directly to their targeted audience using our internet services and Traditional Media too. We are providing Ultimate Social Media Presence solution .We are into digital brand building and PR Solutions as well. We do Press conference and media planning with such a strategy that our clients get maximum exposure digitally and traditionally too. We are complete Solution of any kind of Advertising, Next Gen Advertising Consultancy Pt. Ltd focuses exclusively on two areas to ensure customer awareness: advertising & digital marketing. We provide a vast range of services related to Advertising (ATL, BTL, TTL) Netvertising & digital marketing, ranging from Concept, Planning, and Execution of all kind of activation’s. Next Gen is into Visual add, Animation add and Short Films making too. We blend strategy, experience and digital technology that empower our clients to engage with their audience across channel. Next Gen Advertising gives full consultancy to our Political and Corporate Clients so that they reach there goals in effective manner. Next Gen Consultancy played important role in all elections after 2010 in PAN India.


A Complete Political Strategic Consulting Firm

Every candidate and their campaign team needs to find a political campaign management company that is right for them, and that helps them form a strategy to reach their goals in the most efficient and professional manner. Next gen Consultancy does just that, supporting candidates with all the latest technology, tools, and communication capabilities in a unique combination of professional consultation and online management software. We offer campaign teams the opportunity to create and market a strategy that will help their candidate ensure a win. Political Consultants does extensive research and upon those ground reports and survey data to develop a successful poll campaign.
Next Gen Consultancy does all kind of Conventional & State of art Latest Mediums to Communicate with the target Voters. It doesn’t only target right audience but track their behaviour and analyse influence of the competitor promotions as well. Political Strategic Consulting firm works closely with the Candidates and ensure highlighting all the positive points and try to compress negative things. Political Strategic consulting firm sometimes make Political parties or Individual candidates work easier for the elections, parties and Individual candidates are now outsourcing the work of organising the loose Karyakarta structures to private consultancies.



Every political consultancy has a different approach to election campaigns. In an individual client-based case, a team of two to three consultants work with every assembly candidate. At the back-end office, political consultancies have a team of content writers, designers, researchers, data analysts and social media handlers. This infrastructure analyses problems and devises a PR solution.

Political consultancies make profile of all the Cities and villages, label homes and voters according to caste, and take down details of politically active residents and influential persons such as retired teachers, government employees and village heads. They also carry out regular surveys on voter mood. The sample size may vary from 2% to 20% of a constituency.


Besides social media management, candidates hire political consultants for speech writing and media management like giving interviews to local dailies and channels, and analysis of news relevant to their constituency to ensure that they strike the right chord during their public rallies.
One may consider politics more art than science, particularly in a country like India where literacy levels are low, but with elections becoming a serious business of complex strategies and massive campaign involving crores of rupees, candidates are adopting scientific methods to strategies and manage campaigns in both urban and rural areas.


To Political Parties / Individual Candidates  Strategically To Grow Faster To en-cash The Current & Future Political Potentials, Keeping The Fact In Mind That India is Offering Most Vibrant Political Growth Environment In It’s History and Indian Political Environment  Tends To Emerge As Future Global Political Hub. We Are Aimed To Support Struggling Politicians, Political Parties, New Entrants To Overcome with their Prolonged Political Struggle, limitations & Barriers Against All Odds & Synchronize Their Political Positioning as Per Fast Changing Political Environment & Voters Behaviour, So That They Too Can recognize & Explore The Latent Political Opportunities Lying Around Them & Can Dare To Emerge As  “LEADER OF LEADERS”  Not Merely In Their Constituency But On State , India & Global Level.


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